5 Things to Know About Gallagher Student Health

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Emily Wagner, MPH

Assistant Director/Violence Prevention and Advocacy Specialist

Health and Wellness Education


Health insurance can be a really difficult thing to navigate.  Whether you are on a family-based plan, government-sponsored plan, or using the plan Middlebury offers its students, it can be really hard to understand what is covered, what you are responsible for, and where and how to find more information.


In previous CampusWell editions, we’ve talked about costs associated with Health Services at Midd as well as a glossary of terms to know.  In this article, we’ll go over a few key things to know about Gallagher Student Health- the insurance program that students can opt into if they don’t have access to other programs.


  1. Pre-authorization is required for several pieces of care.  This is not out of line with other insurance programs but is important to know if you need things like specialty care or surgery.  The hospital and/or provider you are working with can help check this for you but it’s good for you to know in advance and to advocate for yourself and make sure you have all the relevant information before moving forward with a plan.  Pre-authorizations include (but are not limited to): physical therapy, diagnostic imaging (like a CT or MRI scan), hospital care, chiropractic care, Gender Affirmation Services, and mental health disorders/substance use disorders (testing, therapy, medication management).  

  2. Gallagher Student Health runs on a 90/10 model.  This means that you are responsible for 10% of the cost of your care provided you are using an in-network provider and received pre-authorization when required.  10% of a medical bill can still be a high amount- if you receive a bill you know is out of your budget, it’s really key to speak with the Billing Department at the place you received your care to determine if they can put you on a sliding scale or a payment plan.

  3. Gallagher Student Health covers some major things that are often of interest to college students.  These include contraception, tobacco cessation medication, and mental health visits.

  4. Additionally, this health insurance also covers dental and vision preventive care until the age of 21.  This applies to many Midd students so if you fall in this category, you don’t need additional dental/vision coverage for general preventive care (this is rare once you are over 21 so take full advantage of this if you need to!)

  5. There are a lot of people at Midd and at Gallagher who can help answer questions and help you navigate processes involved with this health insurance plan.  As overwhelming and confusing as it all can be, please don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance when you need it.


More information about Gallagher Student Health can be found with Student Financial Services  and on Gallagher’s Middlebury specific page.  If you are opting into the plan this year, make sure you follow the instructions about how to do so by October 1st!