Think substance free living might be for you? Apply to Wellness House!

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Madeline Hope, MS

By Madeline Hope, MS

Health Educator
Health & Wellness Education


Have you ever been curious about sobriety or interested in building community with others who don’t use substances? You’re not alone; Middlebury has a budding community of people who are interested in committing to either taking a break from or avoiding substances all together. 


People are often drawn to sobriety in an effort to more deeply connect with themselves and those around them, to see through the fog of substances to realize their goals and dreams while at Midd. Others are committed to a substance free lifestyle because it aligns with their religious beliefs, they’ve decided that substances weren’t serving them or because they have been negatively affected by friends’ or family members’ substance misuse or abuse. Whatever draws people to substance free living, what we know is that connection and community can and is often built without substances! 


For those looking to connect with others in a residential space, Wellness House, Health & Wellness Education’s special interest house, provides a substance free community. Students living in the house are committed to building a community invested in individual and collective well-being. House members join together for monthly community dinners to explore and connect over different topics related to well-being. The house has explored mindfulness, gratitude, social connection, veganism and a variety of other topics over the years. 


Next year a few changes are coming to the house 


  1. An update to the house agreement: all members commit to not using substances during the time they live in the house. Previously, house members who were of age could use substances elsewhere but not have them in the house. This change aligns with increased interest in substance free and low use communities. 

  2. Wellness House social events: this coming year the house will also be a location which individual students and groups can partner with Health & Wellness Education to host substance free events. If you are interested, email [email protected] 


Students who live in the house share they enjoy the house’s tranquil, calm environment and knowing that others share their values. If you are interested in joining the house, complete an application at The process for applying is easy, complete the application and then schedule a brief discussion with the house advisor to claim your space! Applications are being accepted now for the 2021-2022 academic year. 


Wellness House information: 

Location – Homestead House

15 person, single room house

3 bathrooms 

Kitchen, Common Lounge, Stoop and Yard Space 


Questions or want to learn more? 

Contact current house advisor, Maddie Hope 

Email: [email protected]

Schedule a time to talk: go/maddie

Call: 802-443-5389